the changes are started from you

Your child characteristic is built significantly when she is about two until six years old. You have to use this crucial time to develop her character maximally and the process is started from you. As parent, you have complete control to her and you cannot do something wrong since you are her role model. Surely, you will be tough and act positively because your child will see what you are doing as the proper manner. That is why you need to evaluate yourself first and find certain negative things that you do not want to pass over generation, such as lazy, dirty, eat improperly, and others.

In many cases, there are a lot of parents who blame their children for their negative attitude. But actually, it is the parents who need to be blamed for that because children’s attitude represents the way their parents educate and develop their characteristic. Children who like to yell, scream, and even hit someone perhaps imitate their parents’ actions at home. By doing, parents at the same time educate their children to misbehave. So, you are not allowed to do those at home and make sure your child watch educative TV programs and films. There must be no violence and anger. If you yell, no matter how loudly you tell your child to behave well, there will be no result at all. Remember, your actions mean more than your words.

Start the changes by smiling at the time you wake up in the morning. Smiling means you are happy, and the happiness you bring will affect the entire home. Smiling means you have positive thinking and attitude. How great your child life will be when the first thing she sees in the morning is your smile. When you are happy, you will be able to handle the household chores well. Also, your mind will be easy to find ideas about what educative activities can be done that day. You can communicate well to your couple and child and you are at the same time teaching your child to smile and be happy. So, why don’t you change from now on?