avoiding being “Stressed” Parents

Having some children at home will be very nice. Your life will be full with happiness and sometimes they give you surprises. You will face different thing every day, and that enlighten your life, doesn’t it? However, sometimes you will face a terrible day. It seems everything goes wrong and your children do not want to follow your instruction. If this happens in several days, you tend to be stressed. When you are stressed, things will be worse. What you need to realize is if you decide to have children, you have to be ready with all the consequences. You have to cook more food, clean more plates, do laundry more often, and more household chores to do. Furthermore, you will have less time for yourself. A mother will not be able to go to beauty salon or hang out with friends often because she has another responsibility.

While some other things that being parent is a bless, some other may think that being parents is more complicated. For you, you have to choose the first one. Yes, when you think negatively of your daily tasks, it will be easier for you to get stressed. The solution is you have to have positive point of view. Let the days flow smoothly. You have to work together with your couple and divide the household chores into two. In certain family, all household chores become the mother responsibility and earning money is the father’s task. In facts, mothers still have the responsibility with all of them although they also work. You should not apply that at home. The home and children belong to both of you and your couple. That is why the household chores and children education have to be divided into two. Since you and your couple support each other, you will not get stressed easily.

If it is needed, you may write schedule on the things to do. For example, in the morning you will prepare the breakfast and sweep the floor. Your couple will handle the children, make sure they take a bath and get dressed well, and wash the dishes. This division will easy the burden and avoid from being stressed. When your children misbehave, you and your couple have the work together to fix it. You cannot blame yourself or your couple for the children’s misbehaving. Everything happens on your children are the responsibility of you and your couple. Working together will unite and strengthen the family bond and surely make you free from stress.