Start earlier to create un-spoiled child

You will be very happy to know that your child is very active and enthusiast in learning something new. Whenever you take her to a new place she will ask you about the place in detail. If there is something new at home, she asks more information about that. Because of the enthusiasm, you also become more enthusiasts in purchasing a new item. It can be toy, accessories and others. In this case, you need to be careful. When you tend to say “yes” to whatever your child wants, you are at the first step of spoiling her. Although your reason is fulfilling your child enthusiast and providing enough knowledge, always say “yes” is not considered as good option.

In addition, you need to be careful when your child starts to manipulate, control, and be undisciplined towards your instruction or home rules. All of them are the signs that your good deeds to provide enough items start to have negative effects. A three or four year old child sometimes behaves unpleasantly by protesting everything and insisting her own way. Even when you try to show your love, you have to know the border between loving and spoiling. If you have noticed the signs, you had better start to do certain actions to avoid spoiling your child. When you are late, you have to work harder in the process of turning back your child become the unspoiled one.

It is you who have to start earlier in avoiding spoiling your child. Setting the home rules and limit should be done when your child is about two years. It is the time when she starts to understand command and her vocabularies are increased significantly. Watch every step you do in parenting your child. Simple actions, like teaching her to say thank you and respect other family members, are very meaningful. She has to know the way to express gratitude and greet other people. Also, you have to teach your child to respect other family members’ belonging. Although your child is interested to the items and wants to know more, she has to be able in asking permission first before borrowing something. These simple examples should be applied as the way you create un-spoiled child.