Simple behaviors your child has to apply at home

Common people will say that it is okay for children to behave unpleasantly simply just because they are children who do not understand yet the meaning and the importance of behaving well. Two until six year’s old children are commonly allowed to make mistakes because they are on the learning process. However, that is not relatively true. Allowing the children to behave unpleasantly mean that you start teaching negative attitude earlier. When your child makes mistake, fix it as soon as possible so that she will not think that she has done something good. Forgiving should be added with fixing the improper attitude.

Simple attitude like shaking hand and hug other family members should be applied. It means you are teaching your child to respect the others especially the elder one. She is supposed to shake or wave hand, or hug her grandparents, aunts, and uncles. She has to speak in a good manner to them. No yelling or screaming is allowed. If it happens, she deserved to get time out. Of course, you have to speak nicely and never yell or scream in disciplining her. When your child is in good mood, you may tell her the other ways to obey and respect others. Do not forget to reward her when she behaves nicely.

Another thing you have to teach your child is patience. She needs to learn the way to wait for something which is in the process. She cannot get something immediately after she asks you. For example, you are preparing dinner and she asks you to take the crayon for her. In this case, you have to let her wait for a while since you are cooking. Or, let her take the crayon herself. Keep cooking although she starts to cry. Once you follow her and take the crayon, you are on your way of spoiling her. Many parents do everything to avoid the children cry. Well, actually crying is fine. Your child has to know that he cannot get something easily by yelling and crying. She has to use respectful words and will to wait. Although it looks simple, it plays important role in your child life now and then.